WE, the HALLOWED presents our first Wayward Worship – a live, variety talk-show to be held during our 4th Thursday residency at The Waypost in PDX.

Hosted by Revel Keats Rosz
With Synth Twiddlin’ by the Wayward Choir, Bryan Bruner!

“SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS AND WITCHES, this disembodied voice ringing between your ears is I, Revel Rosz and you’re listening to the first episode of Wayward worship, an educational program curated by Portland, Oregon’s Art-Religion WE THE HALLOWED…
This cast, as with future casts, was recorded live in front of a swarm of naysayers, ne’erdowells and all around rogues at the Waypost in Portland, Oregon – before Samhain and Dia Los Muertos  – when the veil was the thinnest and the wicked and the weird frolicked among the candy colored leaves, when La Nina Blanca tickled the napes of our necks with her cold, Santa Muerte breath, on October 26th, year of the witch, 2017.
For this first episode, I present three luminairies,  all of them psychic servants of the great serpent offering communion between the seen and the unseen things and all that is between.
Montana Jordan is, and this is without hyperbole, Portland’s leading paranormal investigator and occult researcher with a special sense and folklore all her own.
Anthony Alvarado is not only a psychonaut, podcaster and musician but also pragmatic author of the pragmatic magic manual DIY MAGIC.
Ands cradling us through the end of this nightmare is Iohannes Pontes, the philosopher witch and brilliant musician who casts light on the Tarot while casting the future of this very program by divining a single tarot card.”
-Revel RoszIohannes Pontes
Tarot Scholar • Musician • Magician

Montana Jordan
Writer • Occult Specialist • Paranormal Researcher

Anthony Alvarado
Author (“DIY MAGIC”) • Podcaster • Musician


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