EPISODE 11 with CICELY ROGERS of Portland’s SACRED LATTICE is finally out! Sound issues from the first upload were recently fixed, so be sure to refresh your podcast feed! #11 “CHANGENT” w/ Cicely Rogers of Sacred Lattice (Occult, Magick) The post “BLACKMATHMAGICIAN” in PRAGMAGICK #11 appeared first on WE THE HALLOWED. via “BLACKMATHMAGICIAN” in PRAGMAGICK #11 … Continue reading “BLACKMATHMAGICIAN” in PRAGMAGICK #11 — WE THE HALLOWED


The Automne Swing (Updates) — WE THE HALLOWED

2018 Autumnal Intentions / Revelations: † Pragmagick / Video Grimoire updates † The 1 year anniversary of my psychic sea-change and the conception of Dakota Slim’s ‘Cactus Crown’ – A recently released record about #love and #magick that TAROT recently implored needs to get heard. I feel obligated to address the lack of PRAGMAGICK relatedContinue… via … Continue reading The Automne Swing (Updates) — WE THE HALLOWED