WE, the HALLOWED presents our first Wayward Worship – a live, variety talk-show to be held during our 4th Thursday residency at The Waypost in PDX. Hosted by Revel Keats Rosz With Synth Twiddlin’ by the Wayward Choir, Bryan Bruner! “SLITHER HITHER WIERDOS AND WITCHES, this disembodied voice ringing between your ears is I, Revel Rosz and you’re listening to the first … Continue reading WAYWARD WORSHIP EP.01



Tune into XRAY.FM tomorrow at 1pm for Anthony Alvarado's "The Magic Hour" and listen to me babble on about modern "OCCULTURE", our art collective We, The Hallowed, and ramshackle rituals! 1:00 PM on the Radio at 107.1/91.1 Portland or streamable anywhere       withRevel Rosz, Revelator ROSZ and WE, the HALLOWED.

Lecture 8/24/17

I'll be giving an introductory lecture to our art collective / religion, WE THE HALLOWED, for prospective members and collaborators at the Waypost, August 24th, 8pm. Also, Justin Shelp (partner in SPARE SPELLS) will be debuting his experimental guitar orkestra. Perfect salon to introduce the collective, it's massive growth / output in the past five … Continue reading Lecture 8/24/17